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                        "Freak Of Nature T-Shirt "
Andrija:Hello Samantha, sorry for delay in replying but was at the yealry moving conference in DC. Yes everything needs to be packed by you in a box. Boxes need to be packed full and tight in order to keep their shape and not crush. Our rates are all inclusive of everything except in New Zealand you might have to pay a M.A.F inspection fee localy when you get there as we dont know in advance if it will get inspected by the authorities and if so how much that will be. Each box needs to have one of our labels on it which states number and your name. A packing list also will need to be completed by you and given to us showing whats in each box eg Box 1 Books, Box 2 Clothes, Box 3 Toys etc etcIts a good idea if you want to write whats in each box or at least what room you want it delivered into at the destination otherwise you wont know where you want the cartons on delivery day !Cheers Moving Doc
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